There is Something for Everyone at The Dugout

By: Tabitha Armstrong | 12.02.21

A Newport Restaurant and Bar that’s also an Arcade, a Gamers Haven, and more

Why You Should Go There: Games, Arcade, Full Bar, Great Owners, Fun Space for Families, Fun Atmosphere, Open Monday Nights, Party Space, Affordable Family Options

Some Things To Know: Mostly Frozen Food, A Full Set of Stairs at Entrance, Space is a Bit Dark

Tucked away in the basement of a Main Street block is a hidden spot you must check out.

The Main Street Dugout restaurant and bar in Newport, VT may be a bit hidden given it’s back door entrance (located just off the public parking lot shared with the Laundromat, Lago’s, and upstairs apartments), but the location has been a bar, restaurant, and even a senior meal site over the years, so it’s well known to many locals.

Our first visit to The Dugout was just a quick stop as we were on our way to dinner and had been meaning to check out this new bar. We were blown away.

Descending the steps you’re immediately greeted with a space that just feels FUN!

We were joined by another couple who were visiting from South Carolina, and they were instantly in love with the place. Arcade games are visible from the door. Each table has a large screened TV and a game console. That means families can play games together, gamer groups can get together to play, or the TV switches to sporting events, movies, and more for a truly unique dining experience.

The large bar offers more seating, perfect for those just looking for a quick bite, a few beers, or one of The Dugout’s fantastic cocktails.

Then there is an open space with a larger projector screen, a couch, and a few chairs. This is the party space.

Available for party rentals, it also serves as a Karaoke stage whenever patrons feel the need to sing, or a large viewing area for televised games (such as the Superbowl),  or a game court for their Monday night Corn Hole Tournaments.

On this first visit we asked a million questions about the space, and what they offered. We learned that the owners really just wanted to offer a place where families could come for an affordable, fun time with their children. They also wanted to create a space for the local gaming crowd.

We settled down in a booth that consisted of a fantastic curved couch and a large TV. We ordered a few drinks from The Dugout’s Signature Menu – each drink is named after a gamer tag from a frequent customer that has donated something to the space (TV’s, consoles, controllers, prizes, etc. have been donated by patrons).  This makes for a fun little rundown when you ask what they all are.

After ordering a few cocktails the four of us proceeded to play video games while we drank and chatted.

It really was a unique, and a very fun, experience.


Food At The Dugout Restaurant In Newport

After that first visit – we knew we had to go back.

The second time we went with the intention of trying their food.

At The Dugout you’ll enjoy snack bar fare. Much of the menu is frozen, but there are some fantastic items to know about.

The Nachos are where it’s at!

On our first visit we had been told about the nachos. The owners had created a menu item that would feed a family of 4, or an entire table, for about $15-$20

There are a number of add ons to the base $12 nachos. We selected a few, and then ordered a burger, pretzel bites, and an order of chicken fingers.

When the nachos came out, we were not disappointed. In fact, we wished we hadn’t ordered anything else!

The portion is gigantic. Three of us worked at it (including our 18 year old son) and couldn’t finish the dish. So, if you find yourself at the dugout with a group of hungry kids – this is the thing to order.

We also tried the pulled pork sandwich. This was cooked well, and was served with plenty of BBQ sauce. The sauce was house made and was on the sweeter side. I found it tasty, but if you like a more savory BBQ this may not be your favorite.

Family favorites such as pizzas, chicken fingers, burgers, fries, and more are all on the menu. This is simple fare but great for a night out with the kids.

The kitchen offers a few specials for those that are looking for a more refined dinner – pasta dishes, different meat options, and even steak have been available.

Now, this isn’t fine dining, nor is it meant to be. But you will get a filling portion and decent quality for the price.


The Main Street Dugout is Truly an Experience

It is one of the few restaurants your children will want to go to. It allows parents to get out, have a drink and relax while the kids are fully entertained. It offers a wonderful spot for kids birthdays, sports viewing, adult gatherings, and just a local place to spend a few hours.

And it’s a spot that you can tell the owners put a lot of thought and passion into.

This is a place built for families and for game lovers – Something truly unique in the area.

Overall, this is a location that should be on every NEK families’ radar, and is a great place to bring friends.

The next time you’re in Newport just stop in for a drink or a soda and check it out.


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