Positive Pie: Unique Spot at Hardwick’s Cross Roads

By: Tabitha Armstrong | 05.03.17

Best Features: Great Food, Menu Items Hard to Find In The Area, Creative Cocktail Menu, Comfortable, Fun Events Almost Nightly

Downfalls: Parking is difficult, service is very slow, menu is slightly overpriced for the area and offerings

Average Price Range: $15-$25 per person

Mountain Rating: 6.5/10

Positive Pie Restaurant in Hardwick provides a great night out for those in the area. There is something going on most nights of the week, they have a great bar and cocktail list, and it is a beautiful restaurant.

Hardwick’s Main Street is up and coming. With a lot of renovations taking place, the old railroad town seems to be experiencing a second birth – and with their location, Positive Pie is primed for the business that comes with it.

The restaurant itself has a modern industrial feel that is becoming a common trend in newer Vermont restaurants, providing a different atmosphere for locals.

The Food

The menu is varied, and offers popular menu items with a twist such as fried brussel sprouts, duck gravy poutine, and Bolognese with ground beef, lamb and pork as well as pizza, burgers, and sandwiches – all with an upscale flair.

This restaurant in Hardwick really has a great location. Hardwick is a cross roads. To get from the Northeast Kingdom to the North Western part of the state, or Montpelier, you have to drive through it. And the intersection is located almost in front of Positive Pie. It was the reason I stopped there on my way back from a Burlington Trip.

I started off with a This time I tried the Prosecco Pear Sparkler – this is made with Prosecco, pear puree, St. Germaine and lemon. This cocktail is like a mimosa, but with a fresher taste from the puree, then finishing tart. What a great start to a meal.

Next I ordered poutine, as I must know how every restaurant measures up in this all important category. The fries were house made, a must for good poutine and the duck gravy had great flavor. On the down side there wasn’t enough of the gravy, and there was a lot of cheese so the proportions were off. Half way through the dish I was out of gravy.

For my entree I ordered the Carbonara Pasta – this was delicious. Pasta covered in an egg cream sauce with thick bacon pieces. It was very decadent and filling. The cream sauce was thick and filled with bacon flavor. I was very happy with the dish, but could only make it through a quarter of it before I was full. In my opinion it could have used a little more garlic, but that was it.

To finish my meal I skipped desert and went for another cocktail. Hardwick Mule. This was their take on a Moscow Mule using local Barr Hill Tomcat Gin produced right there in town by Caledonia Spirits, from local honey. Then to spice the cocktail up, grapefruit was used in place of lime juice, and it was finished off with a touch of bitters and a candied grapefruit peel. I was in love!

The biggest downside for me was the service. I enjoyed my meal but the wait staff was sporadic, and not just my waitress – I noticed other tables having the same problem. After bringing my cocktail, I didn’t see my waitress until my app was up, and then she dropped it off at my table and left. She didn’t return until my meal was up, and only checked in once through my entree.

I don’t know if this is a common occurrence, and overall I am willing to go back and give them another try as the food was very good.

I was pleased to see that they have a lot of food events throughout the week, including: Sunday wings and a Switchback for $11; Monday kids 12 and under eat free; Tuesday $3 select drafts; Wednesday $2 off all wine by the glass; Thursday half priced apps with purchase of a beer, wine, or cocktail; and they have trivia nights.

Over all, I think this restaurant has potential and a unique spot in the Hardwick area. I will be going back!

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