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What we have: Snack Bar, Food Truck, Lunch, Dinner, Sit-In, Take Out,

Hours: Mon. – Tues. 10:30 a.m. – 8 p.m.; Wed. CLOSED; Thurs. – Sat. 10:30 a.m. – 8 p.m.; Sun. 8:30 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Address: 776 Glover Rd., Barton, Vermont, 05822

Phone: 802-323-4000

Website: The Copper Plate

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The Copper Plate Is Featured In Our 2018 Summer Food Tour – Click Here to Play

The Copper Plate Food Truck has become a favorite location for locals in the Barton area. And who could blame them. Tucked among the flowers, green houses, and edible bounty of the River’s Edge Farm Stand, this location is perfect for summer dining. And the food, well – you have to try it for yourself, but the quality surpasses what one may expect from a road side snack bar.

The Copper Plate restaurant in Barton, VT is a stationary food truck that operates from May through October. Located on Rte. 16, and just off I-91, this snack bar is in the perfect location for many Kingdom travelers. It is easy to plan your summer adventures or road trip to swing past this gem and try one of their standard menu items, or their incredible daily specials.

So what makes this Barton restaurant so special? For one, during the growing season much of what is used comes right from the adjacent farm stand, or is grown on the property. Now, the owners of The Copper Plate and the River’s Edge Farm Stand can’t grow everything they need, so the vendors that stock the stand are their next line of product.

Whatever can’t be had from vendors is then looked for through local producers, farms, and food companies. Finally, if an item isn’t to be had locally, a regional market is sought. Eddy, the chef and owner, said that the goal is to not order anything that can’t be picked in the morning and arrive at the stand by afternoon.

Food items include burgers, sandwiches, fried seafood (when available), Paninis, chicken options, and hot dogs – as any snack bar should. But sandwiches and burgers are piled with fresh veggies, the products are all fresh, and everything is prepared restaurant quality versus the freezer to fryer method common to the snack bar industry.

In addition to the standard menu, The Copper Plate offers daily specials that can be anything from seafood to specialty burgers to unique sandwich combinations – or what every Eddy concocts for the day. There is also a rotating salad selection that comes as a side dish for many entrees, giving diners an addition fresh treat.

As good as the food is – there is so much more to enjoy. River’s Edge Farm Stand is the official name of the business which is home to The Copper Plate food truck. The property and green houses are filled with flowers, vegetable plants, and herbs providing the perfect opportunity for a stroll while you wait for your meal. The colors and smells change with the season, as does what’s available at the stand. The main farm stand has a rotating bounty from local and regional farms. In early spring cheeses, eggs, dairy products, and many jarred goodies can be had.

As the growing season sets in strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce, beans, peas, and many more fresh produce items find their way to the bins. And because items come from different farms throughout the region, all of the money spent stays within the local economy – helping farmers and their families.

There is a new surprise at the River’s Edge Farm Stand this year – An Ice Cream Parlor! This sweet addition is not quite ready but check back often so you don’t miss it!