Hillside Farm and Pearce’s Pastured Poultry

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What we have: Pastured Poultry, Cider, Apple Products

Hours: Call for Info

Address: 919 Barton Road,  East Albany Vermont, 05875

Phone: 802-755-6278

Website: Hillside Farm

Chicken is pre-ordered and picked up at the farm by appointment or on processing days, indicated on the order form.

Also available at Hardwick and Craftsbury Farmers Markets, on Fridays 3-6 p.m., and Saturday 10 a.m.-1 p.m., respectively. 

pastured chickens at Hillside Farm in East Albany VermontVermont’s farming tradition is alive and strong in Orleans County – and not just for dairy. Tucked into the trees of the Northeast Kingdom, Hillside Farm offers a peek into the larger agricultural tradition of the state. A true small farm, Vermont food producer offering quality products.

This small farm, owned and operated by a father/daughter team, provides delicious, fresh, pasture-raised chicken and wild & ecologically grown apple cider.

Hannah and Bill Pearce believe in providing good quality food to their neighbors. Pearce’s Pastured Poultry at Hillside Farm is free of antibiotics and hormones. Birds are pastured 100% of the time on their heritage farm once out of the brooder. They are then moved onto fresh grass every day where they can eat fresh plants, bugs, and scratch around as nature intended. This also keeps them very clean. No antibiotics or hormones are used.

The birds are processed here at the farm by us to increase cleanliness, lower the stress of the birds, and to guarantee freshness at the time of customer pickup. Pre-order for the 2018 chicken season now! Use this order form to order your chicken throughout the season and schedule pickups.

Customers rave about how it’s the best chicken they’ve ever had. Order today to find out for yourself.


ONLINE ORDER FORM: https://goo.gl/forms/08ikjSMDWZQBAMOh1