Dolcetti Gelato and Frozen Treats

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What we have: Gelato, Gelato Cakes, Sorbet

Hours: Call for Info

Address: 125 Main Street #3, Newport, VT, 05855

Phone: 802-487-9380

Website: Dolcetti


wholesale gelato in Newport Vermont

Offering a Dessert you can be proud to enjoy!

Dolcetti is a part of Umbrella’s Cornucopia program. This program trains women with barriers to employment in the food industry – providing them with marketable job skills. All proceeds from Dolcetti purchases go back into the training program.

Dolcetti gelato is made from locally sourced ingredients, with a focus on organic whenever possible. It comes in a variety of flavors, with coffee, chocolate, chocolate hazelnut, vanilla bean, and maple always available. Gelato cakes come in any flavor of gelato, and sorbets are rotational – depending on seasonal fruit.

Gelato is lower in fat than traditional ice cream, and is made in such a way that less air is incorporated in its creation. This provides a denser product with more concentrated flavor.

Dolcetti’s products are available for wholesale – both in 5 liter pans and prepackaged pints. While the cakes are available in small or large sizes. Call or email for ordering information.

Retail sales will be available soon at Dolcetti’s new location, so stay tuned.