Local Ingredients Paired with Unique Options at Lodge’s Restaurant in Greensboro

By: Tabitha Armstrong | 03.22.18

poke-ahi-tuna-presentation-highland-lodge-house-bar-restaurant-greensboro-vtBest Features: Comfortable, Beautiful Location, Great Staff, Delicious and Creative Menu Items, Family Friendly, Plenty of Parking; Local Beer, Wine, and even some liquor options

The Downside: A Little Out of the Way, Drinks are a bit Expensive Side – but are all high end

Mountain Rating: 7.2/10

The Highland Lodge Is Featured In Our 2018 Summer Food Tour – Click Here to Play

Since we last featured Highland Lodge House Bar there has been a major change – they now have amazing food! A weekly rotating menu has caught our eye, and we have been checking out some of the items that are repeat visitors.

The Atmosphere At This Greensboro VT Restaurant

There is so much character and ambiance at the Highland Lodge House Bar and Restaurant. First off, it is located in a room off the lodge’s dining room, making it convenient for Lodge guests and community diners alike. The room has windows along two walls letting the light, and the view, pour in. Comfortable seating, a beautiful wooden bar, and local artwork along the walls make the bar area a very inviting place to be.

The main dining room of the lodge is available for extra seating as needed, especially on music nights. But everyone seems to try to squeeze into the bar area. There is a television in the corner, and sports events or the news can be seen playing, though the conversation seems to be much more entertaining. With guests of the Lodge coming from all over the country and many local community members dropping in to eat, we have heard conversational topics ranging from skiing to farming, logging to cheese making, and from politics to the amazing food coming from the kitchen.

The New Menu At The Highland Lodge House Bar and Restaurant

Made with Barr Hill VodkaLast year, when we featured the Lodge, the establishment was more of a bar with a few food items available. Those options included chili, maybe a soup or a sandwich. But the primary focus was on the bar. Over the summer guest chefs and food trucks cycled through on specific nights, bringing more of the community in and helping the new establishment gain some regulars and a reputation for food.
By the end of the summer a rotating menu had begun to appear with burgers, sandwiches, salads, and a few special treats. But, the real menu surprises have taken place through this past winter.

The addition of a chef and some new front of house staff has allowed the House Bar to expand its menu options. We have found a few items that keep cycling through the offerings, some that you can’t often find at other local restaurants.

On a recent visit, tuna poke was on the menu. Poke is a Hawaiian dish typically consisting of raw, sliced, tuna. The House Bar served a sashimi grade Ahi Tuna Poke over cucumber and greens, all tossed with a sesame dressing. The presentation was beautiful with the pink of the tuna contrasting with the green vegetables. And it was absolutely delicious. The light flavor, delicate texture, and cold preparation were welcome changes from the heavier, warm foods that are winter staples here in Vermont.

Another item that is becoming a frequent menu addition is the Charcuterie Board. Charcuterie is a meat (and sometimes cheese) plate served with crackers or bread, different sauces and accompaniments. At the Highland Lodge House Bar it often features a Vermont Salumi, a sharp aged cheddar, and Jasper Hill Blue Cheese. Water crackers, pickles, jams, and good mustard are typical accouterments. There is something about the combination of cured meats paired with pickles that is quite spectacular. Add in tasty cheese selections, and this board could be a meal onto itself!


A third item that we will drive to the Lodge specifically for is the chicken liver pate.

Pate is another item only served at a few restaurants on special occasions throughout the year. This particular pate was well made. The texture was perfect – creamy with no graininess. It retained a slight pink color (something you look for in pate) and was slightly sweet. It was a perfect complement to the charcuterie board the last time we were at the House Bar. I hope we can catch the two items together in the future.

With these more eclectic items, the Highland Lodge House Bar does a good job of offering simpler fair. Items such as meatloaf, burgers, salads, soups, and sandwich also appear. And to make the restaurant more family friendly, they have created their own “Happy Meal”. Consisting of a burger, potato wedges, a vegetable or salad, and a mini desert (sometimes the famous Highland Lodge Ishkabibble Brownie Sundae), it is enough food to fill a hungry stomach.

More Fun From the Highland Lodge House Bar

Weekly events have been added to the House Bar calendar.chicken-liver-pate-uniqu-touch-at House-bar-and Restaurant-Greensboro-vt

Thursday nights are now Trivia Night, while Friday’s are dedicated to live bands. Local musicians and some out of area acts have performed in the Lodge and in the ski shop (when it’s not in use of course) allowing for a few Dance Parties throughout the year. Sing-alongs, ski lunches, and other fun events have provided family entertainment through the winter with more planned for the upcoming spring and summer.

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