Goodfella’s – Outstanding Food with that Hometown Tavern Feel

By: Tabitha Armstrong | 02.19.22


Why You Should Go: Great Menu Options, Family Friendly, On Snowmobile Trails, Great Drinks, Friendly Staff

Some Things You Should Know: Often Busy, Plenty of Parking but Strange Parking Configuration

For many locals in the NEK, Goodfella’s Restaurant and Tavern is a long time staple. For over 20 years it has been The Spot in Danville, offering a full bar and great, ‘unfussy’ food (as many patrons describe it). And, it’s location close to the VAST trail make it the perfect stop in the winter months for many outdoor adventurers.

Spinach-Artichoke-dip-with-chips-at-Goodfella's-restaurant-in-Danville-VTHearty portions and a great assortment of menu items make this restaurant in Danville, VT among the best bang-for-your-buck spots in the region. And though they are dealing with rising food costs, just like every one else, their prices are very reasonable.

We recently dined at Goodfella’s, and we were not disappointed.

A tavern at heart, this restaurant has great burgers, salads, and apps to share with the table. Pasta dishes such as a baked mac and cheese, a Bolognese, chicken parmesan, and tortellini are offered alongside maple teriyaki chicken, salmon, haddock, chicken-n-biscuits, and a harvest Waldorf flatbread.

We’ve visited this restaurant a few times over the winter, and I have to say – it doesn’t matter what you’re in the mood for, there is something on the menu to fit your tastes.


The Menu At Goodfella’s Restaurant and Tavern

fried-Brussels-Sprouts-from-Goodfella's-restaurant-in-Danville-VTI am a huge fan of their fried Brussels sprouts. This is an appetizer that is meant to be shared among friends, but you won’t want to.

Crispy sprouts dipped in a horseradish sauce are so delicious you’ll find it’s hard to stop eating them. And if you think you don’t lke Brussels sprouts, this is a dish that will change your mind!

Another appetizer that I really enjoy is their spinach and artichoke dip. Creamy with bite size chunks of artichoke throughout, this dish will warm you up in the winter. Served with house-fried tortilla chips, it is lighter than options paired with bread and will hold you over until your meal comes.

poutine-from-goodfellasEarly this winter I was there with a few friends and we went a little crazy with the apps. In addition to the two dishes above, we also ordered some of their bone-in wings and a poutine. Their wings come with a variety of sauce choices. We tried the Bee Sting – a slightly tangy option that is slightly spicy and more mustard-like in flavor. They were cooked well and crispy. I am not a mustard fan so the next time I will be trying their BBQ, or maybe the Dactyl sauce.

The poutine is another large table app. The group of us couldn’t finish this in addition to the other things we ordered. In fact, most of these appetizers could be a meal on their own. All were delicious.

Chicken-wings-from-Goodfellas-restaurant-Danville-VTA few weeks ago, I found myself back at Goodfella’s Restaurant in Danville, VT. This time, I was meeting a friend to catch up after the holiday season. We were looking for something lighter. The menu did not disappoint.

My friend ordered the Caesar salad with chicken. I opted for the fried haddock with a side salad (fish and chips are a popular item on the menu – but you can sub out the chips).

We ordered a few drinks and chatted away until the food came. Though there was only one server and one bartender in the room, they maintained the crowd well. The tavern area filled up as we sat there, but the server kept a smile on her face and a happy attitude as she bounced from table to table. Like many restaurants and businesses, Goodfella’s has dealt with staffing shortages, but they are doing their best to manage and that night it really showed.

Ceaser-salad-with-chicken-from-Goodfella's-restaurant-in-Danville-VTMy fish was cooked perfectly with a crispy batter that was wonderfully seasoned. I was surprised by the portion size considering the $16 price tag. The salad that I subbed in place of fries contained mixed greens, shredded carrots, tomato, green pepper, onion, and cucumber. It was fresh and just what I was looking for.

My friend enjoyed her salad as well. The chicken was well seasoned and pan fried.

Other items from Goodfella’s that we really enjoy include The Ver-Monte Cristo. This sandwich doesn’t take a good photo but it is delicious. Crispy fried chicken breast is topped with Cheddar cheese, bacon, cranberry chutney and local Vermont maple syrup. And there are some great seasonal items on their summer menu.

The Bar at Goodfella’s


I have to take a moment to mention the bar. I always get great drinks here. They mix well, have been able to make most things I’ve asked for, and they always have drink specials that are fun to try.

Many beers and wines are also available.

Most people choose to sit in the bar area, but there are two small dining areas that are a bit quieter and can seat bigger parties. In the summer there is even an outdoor dining area that has become really popular over the pandemic.

Overall, Goodfella’s Restaurant in Danville, VT is one that you should try if you haven’t already. You will have a great meal at a reasonable price, enjoy wonderful drinks, and there is plenty on the menu to choose from. And, it’s a great place to bring the family or a group of friends.

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