Driving Dinner Tour #3 – Central NEK

By: Tabitha Armstrong | 06.29.19

Farmland and Lake Views Highlight the Restaurants in Orleans County

steak-burger-from-carriage-house-restaurant-in-orleans-vtUpdated June, 2022

The Central portion of the NEK, or lower Orleans County, is easy to reach – sitting just off I-91. This makes it a great place to start a driving food tour. And the first stop is in sight from the exit ramp.

The Copper Plate is a stationary food truck located at Riverside Farm Stand. Serving home-style food, this truck is a local favorite and has been for the past few summers. Fresh salads (not all garden) perk up any of the main menu items and bring summer to your plate.

fried shrimp dinner from the Copper Plate food truck in Barton VTBut beyond that, diners notice the quality of the food –  shrimp and scallops when available, local burger, fresh vegetables on all the sandwiches, and a beautiful spot to sit. Many of the veggie items come from the farm stand; others are sourced for towns nearby. The owners pride themselves on keeping everything as local as possible, and if not local then it is within a few hours’ drive.

After eating, take a stroll through the flower beds and green houses. Don’t forget to enjoy the river. This will relax you and get you ready for the next leg of the tour. From Barton there are many beautiful drives to take. We suggest going through Orleans, past Willoughby Falls, and out to Brownington.

If you are looking for something to do, visit The Old Stone House. But if you are ready for more culinary experiences follow the back roads to the Orleans Country Club. More than just a great place to golf – the restaurant and bar have wonderful apps and bar to enjoy.

After leaving the Country Club there are two ways you could go.


Option A is to head back into Orleans and stop at the Carriage House. Open 7 days a week for breakfast and lunch, they are open for dinner Wed.. – Sat. until 8:30. Finish filling up here – there’s plenty to choose from. Try burgers and special sandwiches off the menu or check out one of their delicious specials. Most entrees change weekly based on what ingredients are available so you get a lot of seasonal specials and fresh seafood here.

If you’re looking to order something to snack on while you’re driving, try Orleans Village Pizza.

A large poutine, or their chicken tenders are a favorite of ours. And sometimes we order a pizza to take home. This spot is an affordable place for the family. And, when their lounge is open, it is our favorite place to grab a drink. But, for now, they are still take out only.

Option B is to leave the Country Club and head through Westmore.

You’ll come upon The Gap – a fun local bar with delicious menu options and great views. Their outdoor eating area is perfect for summer eveinings, and a few tables on the covered deck offer options when the weather is gray and wet.

Leaving here, head back down into Barton, and up the hill to West Glover. Enjoy the beautiful view as you cruise past Lake Willoughby and some fantastic farms, then along Crystal Lake before you come back into town. The back road leading to West Glover offers its own beauty and prepares you for what’s to come.

Parker Pie, Co is located in the old West Glover General Store. The building itself takes you back to another time, as does the location. Surrounded by farm land, Parker Pie has a fantastic outdoor space where you can dine and let the kids play. The back bar is built in an old barn that was beautifully remodeled. There is an easy atmosphere here and a lot of charm. Another restaurant known for local produce, they serve a number of craft and local beer on tap. Pizza, poutine, large salads, and a few great apps will help fill you up. Tacos and $2 drafts on Tuesday, Wednesday night burgers, or fresh raw oysters on Friday add some variety to the menu.

Whichever tour option you choose, you’ll be creating fantastic memories – and when paired with great food, there’s no better way to spend a summer.


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