Adult Dinner Tours

Take an Adult Dinner Tour – choose a town, and follow us as we take you to a few different dining establishments in walking distance to eachother. Start at one location, and then smaple items along the way! This is our favorite way to dine.



This tour takes you to restaurants in Island Pond. Located along Main Street, you can sample a number of different types of food. Try a few of Island Pond’s culinary gems while enjoying the beauty offered by one of our favorite remote towns.

Updated December 2021




This tour takes you through the small village of East Burke. Known for its ski mountain and biking trails, the delicious cuisine and wonderful atmospheres will make it a favorite stop in your NEK adventures. Take a stroll through town and enjoy the restaurants in East Burke.

Updated December 2021




This tour takes you to a number of great downtown restaurants in this lakeside town. While many days may be too cold to stroll the boardwalk, it is a wonderul walk in sunny weathers, with fantastic views of the ice covered water. The restaurants in Newport, VT included in this tour are in walking distance of each other and are located on Main Street only. A few of these restaurants have a cultural element – Italian and Thai, with an added NEK flair!

Updated December 2021




This tour gives you a second option in Newport and inludes restaurants along Lake Memphremagog. From an enclosed deck dining room over the water, to hearty tavern foods and pizzaria specials, this tour offers a nice walk (or very short drive if needed) and many culinary surprises. Two locations are right next door to each other!

Updated December 2021




This tour offeres restaurants in Saint Johnsbury, highlighting the downtownregion. Featureing a mixture of ethnic cuisine, modern culinary specialties, and American classics your tastebuds will delight in all that you find here. Try a little bit of everything on this dinner tour and visit a number of shops and museums along the way.

Updated December 2021




Driving Dinner Tours

While there are a few traditional downtown areas in the bigger towns of the NEK, much of the region is made up of a cluster of buildings forming that town’s core. This means many of our restaurants can’t be visited on a walking tour. But with the beautiful winter scenery here in Vermont, a driving tour is just as much fun. You can take in the glittering snow, the magical effect of snow coverent branches arching across a back road, and discover winter un along the way.

Below, we have featured these driving tours. There are more restaurants on each one than you can probably eat your way through on one trip – but this gives you options to choose from depending on the weather, day of the week, or your food preferences.

Check them out, and let us know how your next food tour turns out.


Driving Tours #1 – Western NEK

This food tour takes you through the Western side of the Kingdom. You’ll discover culinary gems hidden in Hardwick, Greensboro, and Danville. There are many stops to choose from, making this a tour you can take many times before you have tried them all. And, you’ll drive through a few quaint village centers that look like they’ve been taken from postcards.

Updated December 2021



Driving Tours #2 – Southern NEK

This food tour takes you though the Southern points of the NEK. Enjoy the scenic views from these roads as you skirt town centers and travel through farm land to a number of restaurants featuring Vermont products, delicious treats, and beautiful views…

Updated December 2021



Driving Tours #3 – Central NEK

On this food tour, you’ll travel through central NEK where you can enjoy the views of many of the regions lake. This area specialized in farm to table restaurants and family friendly spots. You’ll be surprised at the restaurants you’ll find in the Barton, Orleans, and Glover areas…

Updated December 2021