Lago’s: Classic Italian Food in Downtown Newport

By: Tabitha Armstrong | 02.12.17

CalamariBest Features: The Food! Nice bar area with TVs for sports, comfortable setting

The Downsides: Not a great place for younger kids; Parking can be tricky; Service is hit or miss

Mountain Rating: 8.2/10

Lago’s Trattoria is one of the nicest places to eat in the Newport area.

The meals are of high quality, the portions are large, and the atmosphere is friendly and comfortable…


But there is so much more to this Italian Restaurant in Newport, Vermont.

We often stop in at Lago’s for drinks and apps, but over the years I have tried a number of things from this spectacular menu.

Our favorite starters are the carpaccio and calamari. I have yet to have the calamari overcooked here – and the house batter has the perfect amount of salt for my taste.

The tuna is always beautifully presented.

Served on crispy chips with a spicy horseradish sauce drizzled over it.

The tuna tones down the spice while the chip provides crunch to balance out the softer texture of the fish.

I am also partial to the fresh, warm bread brought to the table, accompanied by oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping, or a bean dip to spread on top.

My husband’s favorite menu item is the stuffed pork chop. The pork chop covers about half your plate, and is oozing cheesy stuffing. It is also the only menu item that comes with eggplant parmigiana… absolutely incredible! I was unable to get a photo of this while we were there because he had already begun eating before I could snap one.

Fresh warm bread to start your mealMy favorite meal here has been a fettuccine Alfredo, but that isn’t on the menu regularly. Instead I often get the Fruiti di Marr, a bowl of pasta filled with perfectly cooked seafood, tossed in a garlicky butter sauce – delicious.

If I’m not in the mood for seafood, I get another pasta dish that features wild boar – and it truly steals the show.

Tossed in a tomato sauce, this dish is hearty – filling your mouth with an intense flavor from the shredded boar meat.

The tomato sauce helps tone down the meat, finishing with the complex flavors of layered spices in the sauce.

And of course we can’t forget the drinks!

Lago’s has the most extensive martini list in the area. A large blackboard in the bar shows off their delicious combos.

Noah prefers a vodka martini served dirty which is always presented side car style. I have tried the Banana Martini, and the Green Mountain (a combo of melon liquor and vodka) as well as a few different versions of a chocolaty, desert tasting concoction that outshines most deserts.

cocktails restaurant in newport vermont

Speaking of deserts…

The chocolate torte is delicious, and the crème Brule is one of our favorites. Often when we go with friends, cheesecake finds its way to our table as well.

With so many amazing sounding deserts, I am always pleased when a larger group of us goes out together – it allows me to sample them all.


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