By: Tabitha Armstrong | 03.06.22

meatloaf from parsons dinner house restaurant in Barton VT 700   Why You Should Go: Inspired Culinary Pairings, Unique Appetizers, Great Flavors, Creative Cocktails;

Things You Should Know: Entrees Are Expensive for the Area; Dining Room Is Small; Not Really a Kid Friendly Menu

Parson’s Dinner House restaurant in Barton, Vermont offers an upscale dining experience rare in the NEK. Traditionally, Parson’s has been a breakfast and lunch spot, but after changing hands a few times recently, the new owners have taken the restaurant to the next level.

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Goodfella’s – Outstanding Food with that Hometown Tavern Feel

By: Tabitha Armstrong | 02.19.22


Why You Should Go: Great Menu Options, Family Friendly, On Snowmobile Trails, Great Drinks, Friendly Staff

Some Things You Should Know: Often Busy, Plenty of Parking but Strange Parking Configuration

For many locals in the NEK, Goodfella’s Restaurant and Tavern is a long time staple. For over 20 years it has been The Spot in Danville, offering a full bar and great, ‘unfussy’ food (as many patrons describe it). And, it’s location close to the VAST trail make it the perfect stop in the winter months for many outdoor adventurers.

Spinach-Artichoke-dip-with-chips-at-Goodfella's-restaurant-in-Danville-VTHearty portions and a great assortment of menu items make this restaurant in Danville, VT among the best bang-for-your-buck spots in the region. And though they are dealing with rising food costs, just like every one else, their prices are very reasonable.

We recently dined at Goodfella’s,

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Valentine’s Day 2022

By: Tabitha Armstrong | 02.04.22

Chocolates and roses for valentines dayThis Valentine’s Day is shaping up to be more like those of the past – filled with wonderful food, fun cocktails, unique dining experiences, and many options to choose from.

Our local restaurants have been working hard to plan fantastic menus and specials to make this Valentine’s Weekend memorable. So browse our list of events below, and get your reservations made early!

We’ve reached out to every restaurant on our list – so check back througout the week for updates!

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Comfort Food with a Unique Spin at the T-Bar Restaurant in Newport, VT

By: Tabitha Armstrong | 01.21.22

tbar-chicken-sandwich-restaurants-in-newport-vtWhy You Should Go: Delicious Flavors, Unique Dishes, Family Friendly, Great Drinks, Great Takeout, Consistant

Some Things You Should Know: Limited Seating;  Can Be Loud,

Tucked behind the strip mall facade of Waterfront Plaza is a restaurant gem you just have to try!

The T-bar restaurant in Newport, VT has become a local gathering place where grabbing a coveted table can sometimes be a tall order.

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Holiday Hours and Specialty Meals

By: Tabitha Armstrong | 12.16.21


Holidays in the Kingdom 2021


The holidays are here and that means family and friends, and lots of great food.

Many local restaruants are taking a break, closing on the actual holiday dates. But, others are offering special hours, special meals, and a few are offering some alternative dates and longer throughout the days leading up to Christmas and New Years.

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Large Portions and Unique Pub Fare at Burke Publick House

Why You Should Go There: Unique Menu Items, Plenty of Seating, Hearty Food, Great Cocktails and Beer Selection

Some Things To Know: The Downstairs Bar Area Gets Loud, The Outdoor Space Is Poorly Lit After Dusk, Prices Are on The Higher Side


The Burke Publick House Restaurant in East Burke, VT is one of our highly recommended locations in the NEK. From the menu to the bar to the atmosphere, this NEK restaurant offers an experience you’ll soon want to repeat.

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There is Something for Everyone at The Dugout

A Newport Restaurant and Bar that’s also an Arcade, a Gamers Haven, and more

Why You Should Go There: Games, Arcade, Full Bar, Great Owners, Fun Space for Families, Fun Atmosphere, Open Monday Nights, Party Space, Affordable Family Options

Some Things To Know: Mostly Frozen Food, A Full Set of Stairs at Entrance, Space is a Bit Dark

Tucked away in the basement of a Main Street block is a hidden spot you must check out.

The Main Street Dugout restaurant and bar in Newport, VT may be a bit hidden given it’s back door entrance

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Thanksgiving in the NEK 2021

Thanksgiving in the Kingdom 2021



Thanksgiving this year may not be ‘normal’ but it is closer…

As the pandemic continues, this Thanksgiving may not be completely ‘normal’ but the holiday will look much closer to those of the past than what we all experienced last year. Though many families may have smaller gatherings or may choose to remain more isolated as a precaution, there is a holiday feel in the air that was missing 12 months ago. This year, many restaurants will be open, offering takeout or preorded meals, or preparing preordered specials for you to serve on your holiday table.

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Adult Dinner Tour #5 – Waterfront Newport, VT

water-view-lake-memphremagog-newport-vt-sq 350

water-view-with-boats-lake-memphremagog-restaurants-in-newport-vtUpdated June, 2022

If you take a short stroll down Newport’s boardwalk you’ll leave the Main Street Downtown area and soon find a host of other dining options. From hearty tavern dining, to classic pizzeria fare, to lakeside dining on a beautiful deck – there are so many restaurants in Newport, VT and in a very short distance from one another.

Remember, if you are taking an adult dinner tour eat light and sample small plates or apps to leave room for options from each restaurant.

(What is an ‘adult dinner’?)

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A Rising Star: Dinner at Central Cafe Restaurant in Saint Johnsbury


scallops-with-avocado-central-cafe-restaurant-st-johnsburyA star in downtown St Johnsbury is tucked into what appears to be a small coffee house. Elegant design, with a bit of tongue in cheek humor has made the Central Café coffee shop and restaurant in Saint Johnsbury, VT a regular stop for those living and working in the downtown area.

But their dinner service is quickly transforming this space into a restaurant destination!

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Authentic NYC Flavor in the NEK


the-family-running-rocky's-new-york-style-hot-dog-cartA new food business has taken the heart of the Kingdom by storm, and captured those hearts just as quickly.
Rocky’s New York Style Hot Dogs (a food cart in Lyndon) has brought an authentic NYC tradition to the NEK, and locals are loving it as much as weary travelers are.

A traditional NYC hot dog cart, positioned in front of an old Victorian home on Memorial Drive in Lyndon catches the eye of those driving by, and the call of an authentic NYC hot dog captures the imagination.

toppings-being-added-from-rocky's-new-york-style-hot-dog-cartWe’ve all seen these carts in movies and shows, and many have experienced them in person on a trip to NYC. But, now, these tasty treats can be found right here at home!

I am a Vermont gal, and hot dogs here are a much different experience. So I was super excited to give this cart a try.

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