Authentic NYC Flavor in the NEK

By: Tabitha Armstrong | 07.06.21

the-family-running-rocky's-new-york-style-hot-dog-cartA new food business has taken the heart of the Kingdom by storm, and captured those hearts just as quickly.
Rocky’s New York Style Hot Dogs (a food cart in Lyndon) has brought an authentic NYC tradition to the NEK, and locals are loving it as much as weary travelers are.

A traditional NYC hot dog cart, positioned in front of an old Victorian home on Memorial Drive in Lyndon catches the eye of those driving by, and the call of an authentic NYC hot dog captures the imagination.

toppings-being-added-from-rocky's-new-york-style-hot-dog-cartWe’ve all seen these carts in movies and shows, and many have experienced them in person on a trip to NYC. But, now, these tasty treats can be found right here at home!

I am a Vermont gal, and hot dogs here are a much different experience. So I was super excited to give this cart a try.

I went for a hot dog topped with Sabrett red sauce – an addition I was told is classic NYC. I also added sweet relish.

First off, there is nothing better than getting a hot dog from a cart. It is nostalgic, romantic, and, no joke, it strikes at that kid inside you.

the-works-hot-dog-new-york-style-hot-dogs-from-rocky's-hot-dog-cartWhen I got my hot dog I was at first surprised by the size. I have had all beef hot dogs before, but am used to large hot dogs. These are thinner than what is typically served in the area – and that was a good thing, as I soon found out.

My husband had ordered the works, a hot dog topped with Ketchup, mustard, onions, the red sauce, relish and sauerkraut. Had the hot dog been any bigger, the toppings would never have stayed on!

The red sauce was an addition unfamiliar to me but delicious all the same. This NYC staple consists of sauteed onions in a tomato sauce – a super tasty addition to a hot dog.

We were really impressed with the flavor and the experience. And, we are looking forward to a quick stop in the near future to try the chili-cheese dog (the chili is homemade).

There are a few things that make this such a great addition to the Kingdom.

hot-dog-with-red-sauce-new-york-style-hot-dogs-from-rocky's-hot-dog-cartThe first is, there is nothing else like it around.

Second, this brings a fast, easy, versatile lunch option for the Monday through Friday crowd, as well as for travelers. You drive into the drive, go around the house (following homemade arrow signs) and pull up to the cart, where someone meets you at the window of your car to take your order. You can also park, get out, place an order, and enjoy the picnic table.

making-dogs-at-rocky's-new-york-style-hot-dog-cartWithin just a few minutes, you can be on your way again with a hearty and inexpensive lunch. A few dollars for a hot dog, a drink, and the addition of chips or a snack will cost you under $10. Three dogs piled high, with a drink and a bag of chips is still under $12. You really can’t beat that anywhere.

And the third thing that makes this business so special is that it is a family endeavor. Rocky, his wife Michelle, and their 6 children are all participating. They’ve even got a second cart going now. It can be found at Burke Mtn. Fri. – Sun.

So while the weather’s warm, and the days are long, take a drive through Lyndon and make this hot dog cart your destination. You won’t regret it!


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