Anthony’s Diner: Traditional Fare in a Cozy Setting

By: Tabitha Armstrong | 12.13.17

Burger with Bacon at Anthony's DIner, restaurant in St Johnsbury VermontPros: Good Diner Food; Good Service; Beer and Wine; Family Friendly; Great Location

Cons: Veggy Options are Not Great (But it is Diner Food)

Mountain Rating: 6.5/10

While attending events in Saint Johnsbury, my son and I grabbed a bite at Anthony’s Diner – a restaurant in Saint Johnsbury, located right downtown, in walking distance to everything.

Comfortable Atmosphere at This Restaurant In Saint Johnsbury

decor at diner in saint johnsbury vermontI have been to Anthony’s Diner a number of times over the years. What I like about the diner is that it is comfortable. Walking in the door, there is a country flare to the décor with wood tones, book shelves (with books), and even a holing pin display.

Immediately you are beckoned by the horse shoe bar that dominates the space. Its shape, and the invitation to converse with the faces you see sitting around it, add to the community feeling that comes with the diner atmosphere.

Many of the booths are wooden, and none that I could see sport peeling vinyl. A brick half wall separating a prep satiation from the dining area adds to the country home charm. It is all very appealing and inviting.


The Menu At Anthony’s Diner

large burger with bacon from st johnsbury dinerSettling into a booth, I browsed the menu making not of traditional diner classics like different sandwich melts, burgers, meatloaf, a liver dish, fried seafood, milkshakes, and a rootbeer float.

My son opted for The Woodsman Burger – a classic cheeseburger topped with lettuce, tomato, bacon, onion, and dressed with mayo. It arrived with a pile of hand cut fries in true diner style. The burger was cooked well and even slightly seasoned. It didn’t last long in the hands of my teenager.

I ordered a seafood platter that was on special – allowing me to sample the different fried seafood options that appear on the regular menu. The platter came with fried haddock, scallops, and clam strips. Everything was well cooked, fried seafood platter from Anthony's Dinner in Saint Johnsburyan important factor with scallops and clam strips – nothing came out overcooked or rubbery. The batter wasn’t my favorite – it did lose its crunch fairly quickly. But other than that, I had no complaints. This platter was also served with hand cut fries and a side of coleslaw or cottage cheese.

As an app. We ordered a mac and cheese from the “sides” menu. I was shocked at the size of this ‘side’. It was a meal! I ended up bringing most of it home for lunch, as our entrees came out quickly so there was plenty left to box up. The cheese sauce was creamy, and had flavor (I am not a fan of dry mac and cheese, so this was perfect). It was served with toasted bread, great for dipping in the cheese sauce! This was my favorite part of my meal.

mac and chese house made at Anthony's Diner in SaintjohnsburyPortion sizes are large  and just about everything comes with fries (of course). I was pleased to see local meat options on the menu, such as the local, grass fed beef tenderloin steak. But, at least from what I saw, produce is standard diner quality.

I was also pleased with the service. Our server was at our table immediately with a bright smile and an upbeat, happy attitude that was warm and welcoming. She looked happy to be there, something that can make or break a dining experience. Another plus that I noticed is that at no time, while I was there, were wait staff huddled in a corner chatting and ignoring customers – a pet peeve of mine that occurs in many establishments.

horse shoe counter dining at this restaurant in St JohnsburyAnthony’s Diner really is a great stop if you are looking for a place to eat in Saint Johnsbury. Check it out before a movie, while running errands in town, or while visiting the local shops. It really is in walking distance to just about everything, and there is plenty of parking nearby (the restaurant’s lot has spaces reserved for customers) if you will be spending some time at local businesses. It is also conveniently located near the schools making it a great place to eat if you have a school event to attend. The prices are affordable, the quality of the food is above average for diner fare, and you get wonderful service.

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