Adult Dinner Tour #3 – Newport, Vermont

By: Tabitha Armstrong | 10.06.18

view from Newport Vt boardwalk of Lake Memphremagog, Newport vt restaurants along the lakeUpdated May 25, 2019

Many of Newport’s restaurants line the banks of Lake Memphremagog. This provides some with wonderful views, and put others right near the boardwalk. This makes Newport a perfect place for an adult dinner tour.We like to start by parking in the free lot next to the State Building overlooking the lake. From here you can walk along boardwalk, enjoying the lake. In the summer, it is fun to watch the sail boats and paddle boarders while taking in the bright sun shine and gentle like breeze.

In the fall, nature’s painting is breathtaking, especially when mirrored by an early morning calm, clear, lake surface.

After a leisurely stroll along the boardwalk, we like to begin our dinner tour lakeside.

Take the Newport Dinner Tour

(Disclaimer – If you take our adult dinner tour keep the receipts, take a picture of all three showing the restaurant name and the date – dates between June 1 and Sept. 30 2019 qualify – and submit them to our Facebook Page to be entered to win NEK Restaurant Gift Certificates)

Click on the links to view our full reviews of each restaurant and their food.


Full bar in Newport VermontWe start at Le Belvedere – the restaurant located in the State Building overlooking the board walk and lake. In the summer there is outdoor seating. But inside, you have a choice of the lounge with its comfortable leather chairs and bar seating, or the more elegant dining room with linen covered tables.

We like to start here so we can enjoy the sun setting behind the lake. And because my favorite cocktail is here. The lychee cocktail is spectacular – and something you can’t find many other places. Sweet and refreshing, the fruit shines through – tantalizing on your tongue.

From the menu, we typically order the calamari. Always cooked perfectly, fried with banana peppers and capers, and served with a spicy aioli sauce , this dish packs a nice zing.

Escorgot found only at Le Belvedere restaurant in Newport Vermotn

If you are looking for something a bit more exotic and more substantial, try the Escargot Provencal: Escargot with spinach, tomatoes, capers, olives, and onions. Seasonally, they add asparagus as well. I liked the saltiness of the capers and olives with the seafood. This is a good introduction to escargot if you haven’t tried it before as the vegetables help with the texture – which for some is an acquired taste.

Entrees such as their seared scallops or duck with cherry Frangelico sauce may be just the thing to end your tour, or go with something lighter from the pub menu – I recommend the muscles and frites.

tuna carpaccio on chips as appetizerOn leaving Le Belvedere, we typically cross the street to Lago’s Trattoria. Here we are greeted with more delicious cocktails. My favorites are the Banana Martini, and the Green Mountain – a combo of melon liquor and vodka. They also have a few different versions of a chocolaty concoction that outshines most deserts, the name changes but check the cocktail menu for the chocolate option.

For appetizers we recommend the tuna carpaccio; fresh ahi tuna served on crispy chips with a spicy horseradish sauce. This dish is full of contrast: soft fish and crunchy chips, fresh fish and spicy horseradish, all creating a sensational dish that will leave you wanting more.

The lollipop lamb is another light option with fantastic flavor. Cooked to a nice medium, and well seasoned, this dish is a change from the many fried appetizers that appear on local menus. It is a little pricey, and only comes with two pieces – but it’s well worth it.

Meatball appetizer from Lago Restaurant in Newport made from owner's family recipeA second meat option is Nona’s Meatball – 3 soft meatballs, full of herbs and spices and dressed with house made marinara makes the perfect Adult Dinner Tour dish.

Eating dinner at Lago’s is an experience. Great décor and an authentic Italian menu make for a relaxing combination that will have you full and satisfied when you leave. If you are looking for a dinner entrée the stuffed pork chop served with an incredible eggplant Parmesan is the way to go. But during our adult dinner tour, we typically stick to just apps.

On leaving Lago’s we cross back over the street, walking towards the Northeast Kingdom Tasting Center. Before 5 p.m. you can try a flight of the Eden Iced Ciders or sample a tasting of Vermont spirits at the tasting bar. If you haven’t tried ice cider, you are in for a treat. Some are like eating an apple off the tree just after the frost hits. Others are aged and carry caramel notes.

fried tempura shrimp appetizer from the Warehouse Restaurant in Newport, VTThe Warehouse Restaurant is the next step, and you don’t even have to leave the tasting center. A menu filled with classic favorites, crispy fried chicken, and a few unique appetizer options makes for a fun dining experience.

We like the tempura shrimp – large shrimp coated in the most unique tempura batter that is not only extra crispy, but looks almost like tapioca pearls.  Another delicious option is the crispy cicharronis – fried seasoned pork rinds.

fried chicken dinner with mashed potatoes from The Warehouse Restaurant in Newport VtDinner entrees are on the lighter side, making this a great stop on our dinner tour. The melted brie grilled cheese, the fish tacos, or even the F.F.C.  (a family recipe for fried chicken).

Extensive cocktail menus that include Martinis, bloody Marys, and Mimosas add to the dinner tour, as does the opportunity to play a game of pool. The four tables at The Warehouse, add a little more fun to the evening.

fried spring rolls, muscles, salad, and fresh spring rolls from dusit thai restaurant in Newport, VT

By this time we are typically pretty full. But we finish up at the Dusit Thai. We order spring rolls to go, as these are our favorite and take them down the ally next door to Jasper’s Tavern where we typically find live music or a DJ on the weekends, or a fun conversation during the week. If there is a wait on our order, we’ll hit Jasper’s first, order a drink while we wait and send one of our party to pick up the order from the Thai restaurant next door.

seafood-fried-rice-at-Dusit-Thai-Restaurant-Newport-VTTypically, Dusit Thai is a dine-in restaurant and has incredible sushi. The restaurant just underwent a renovation and will start serving their sushi menu again come June 2019. Other appetizers and light entrees are readily available.

My favorite entrée on the menu is the fried rice with scallops. Sweet and creamy, this is unlike any fried rice I’ve eaten. This is the perfect dish to split at the end of a food tour as it isn’t heavy and there is enough in an order to satisfy two people.

cocktails and more at Lago's bar in Newport VermontLe Belvedere, Lago’s, the Warehouse, and Jasper’s all have great martinis. My husband is partial to extra dirty vodka martinis (as our readers know) and likes the options at each of these restaurants – just in case you are looking for a cocktail less sweet than the ones I mentioned above. And every one is just a bit different – so in addition to trying a number of great food items, you can compare great cocktails!

The walk back downstreet to our parked car is refreshing, and help settle the amazing foods we’ve eaten. And if we happen to go early enough, there are a few wonderful shops to browse along the way.