Tired of the Frustrating Search for Good Restaurants…

Let’s Face It…

Vermont does a lot of things well, but technology isn’t one of them.

This is especially true in the Northeast Kingdom where cell service is spotty, and much of modern technological trends haven’t found a place or purpose. And that is part of the charm…

Until you need to find a place to eat.

As locals, and foodies, we love to have “adult dinner”.

To us this means getting an app. (or small menu item) and a cocktail, from a number of restaurants and bars, so we can sample as much deliciousness as possible.

But in the restaurant world, things are always changing. Places come and go, menus change, new management takes over. The Internet can’t keep up. It is full of links to bygone restaurants, or websites that haven’t been pulled yet.

Combine that with a lack of web presence from many of the restaurants that do exist in the region, and you are left with a mess to sort through when you are looking for a place to dine, grab a quick meal, get take out, or find a place that isn’t 20 min. from where you are located.

As business owners with years of marketing and development experience, we have watched 2 patterns emerge from local restaurants. They are either

1. Trying to keep up with online marketing trends – flying by the seat of their pants, with no real strategy, or

2. Ignoring the Internet all together, relying on what has always worked to continue working…

People are changing, businesses are changing, technology is changing, and we wanted to provide a place where local Perfectly cooked burgerrestaurants can easily be found by potential customers, an easy way to put a restaurant out there to the world – with as little stress as possible to the business owner,

We want to provide a user friendly way for foodies, travelers, or locals to find the information they are looking for – so they don’t have to settle for the fast food restaurant down the street because “at least we know they’re open.”

The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont has some hidden gems when it comes to restaurants.

Whether it is the surprising menu, the great drinks, the beautiful views, or the amazing staff – each restaurant has a unique experience to share.

Let us show them to you!

Tabitha and Noah Armstrong