A New Old Spot In Greensboro Vermont

By: Tabitha Armstrong | 04.17.17

Best Features: Comfortable, Perfect Location, Fun, Surprising Twists and Events

The Downside: There isn’t a menu, not a lot of mixology in play, on the expensive side

Average Price Range: Depends on what you’re drinking

Mountain Rating: 6/10

The Highland Lodge has been a gathering place for generations. This bed and breakfast sits overlooking Caspian Lake in Greensboro, Vermont. Countless people have traveled to Vermont to stay at this beautiful old farm house that offers so much in the way of outdoor entertainment. For a few years the lodge closed down, but when it reopened under new ownership – there was a delightful addition…

The Highland Lodge Bar: A Unique Experience

Greensboro, Vermont sits on a hill top. It is a small town mostly consisting of back roads and farm land. But it is a little far from any other restaurant or bar in the area, the closest being in Hardwick, Vermont 15-25 min. away (depending on the roads).

But, with this new watering hole so close, residents from Greensboro, and surrounding towns like Albany, Greensboro Bend, and even Glover are beginning to find their way to this quaint spot.

The Lodge itself has a very homey feel, and the bar is no different. The wood towns, local art, and comfortable seating seem a natural extension of the natural coated wood table tops from the lodge’s dining area.

From the walls of windows, light pours in, and customers have great views of the extensive flower gardens, and wonderful backyard of the lodge.

There is even a cuckoo clock in the corner – a staple of the old lodge’s dining room, remembered by all returning guests.

The Highland Lodge Bar is a full bar. Serving many local liquors, traditional mixed drinks, a few specialty cocktail from time to time, wine and beer, and they have local Hill Farmstead beer on Tap.

The Lodge is a working bed and breakfast so its bar hours are limited, normally wrapping up by ten so guests can sleep. But there are many events taking place for holidays, and just because.

Live music nights have been a success throughout the winter. Celebrations for St. Patrick’s Day, an Easter Brunch, and an upcoming Cinco De Mayo party incorporate food into the festivities.

The night we went there, we came after a skiing event. I was stunned by the beautiful wooden bar that had just been installed. We were greeted by Heidi Lauren – the new inn keep. And to my delight, they were serving hot toddies that night. In addition to their fun and funky beer selection, there were also food options that evening. We enjoyed the chili.

Though there isn’t a restaurant at the Highland Lodge, the new owners are having a good time with special dinner events, guest chefs, and family style meals where there are enough people around to warrant it.

The Highland Lodge shares an extensive cross country ski trail network with the Craftsbury Outdoor Center. With many cold, tired, and thirsty skiers nearby the Lodge’s bar has a perfect audience nearby. And all summer hikers use the trails, lake goers and generational summer residents are within walking distance.

This cozy bar is a new, dynamic, and all around fabulous addition to the Northeast Kingdom. I am looking forward to summer – enjoying a few drinks on their porch, and seeing what new and exciting things the lodge will bring to the area.


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